10 Ways to Enjoy Family Time


Our beloved families are the closest

network we have, so reinforcing our bonds with them is essential. Some

activities are particularly effective at enhancing ties between family members

and improving our relationships. Here are some fun things to do with your

family to forge deeper bonds.


Biking or Walking

One of the least costly activities is walking or biking around your

local area for half an hour or so every day. Families can do this early morning

before going their separate ways, or after dinner to enjoy the early evening. Walks

may be enlivened by laughter and anecdotes from the day’s events, making this

an excellent bonding exercise.



If the children are still young, bedtime reading is a brilliant way for

the family to bond. Children are bound to ask questions and make endearing comments

as parents dramatically tell a story. This activity creates a loving bond

between parents and children.



Shopping for clothes, household goods and even groceries can be great

fun. Families can debate over different items before making their final

purchase, followed by a nice cup of coffee and a snack before heading back for

round two of the shopping trip.



At the weekend, mum or dad can assume the role of head chef and organize

the family into a team to create a meal together. Children can be asked to do

various tasks according to their age: from shopping to slicing and blending,

avoiding dangerous tasks requiring the oven. This activity is fun for everyone,

and the entire family will be eager to devour the results of their shared

effort. Continuing the sense of teamwork, the post-meal tasks should also be

divided up, assigning team members to clear the table and wash the dishes, maybe

even rewarding the best team member.


Exercising at the Gym

If either of the parents regularly goes to the gym for exercise or a

class, they should consider taking the children. After seeking assistance from

the trainer there, the family can enjoy a communal workout regime. This will

create a healthily competitive atmosphere, as well as a lot of fun.


Social Work/Volunteering

Parents can encourage this activity by allocating a day during the

weekend when they take the children to a home for the elderly or a hospital to

witness and support these segments of society. This will teach children to

remain positive and assist wherever they can. It will build a trusting

relationship between parents and children, by reaffirming how helping people is




During the weekend or holidays, families can spend some of their free

time playing a game of dominoes, cards or multiplayer computer games. Children

can take pleasure in teaching their parents the basics of online gaming, giving

themselves a good laugh and boosting their confidence by being the source of

knowledge for a change. Parents can also get a gist of how safe their

children’s online use is, and relax as these activities are practised indoors.


Family Picnic

What is wrong with swapping the busy shopping centre for a good old

picnic in the park? Families can really bond together enjoying the fresh grass,

cool breeze and filling foods that they prepared together. Such picnics often feature

a kick-around with a football, plenty of cheering and snapshots of precious

family moments.



Wouldn’t it be fun for parents and children to take a course in a

subject they are all passionate about? From French classes to tennis or piano

lessons – nowadays there are plenty of options. The family can attend the classes

and then practise together to share more time interacting in something they all



Movie or Theatre Night in the Winter

When the cold of winter approaches, this is a perfect choice. What could

beat a new film or light-hearted play to brighten up the greyness of the

weather? Take in some hot drinks and snacks and bond together in warmth and