10 Ways to Improve Your Mood at Work


Avoid succumbing to

depression and boredom at work. Read the following tips to improve your mood

and productivity while you’re there.


Listen to Music

If your work involves routine jobs like filing or filling in forms, do

these tasks to music and you will notice your pace quicken. Listening to your

own selection of songs through earphones will also help you disconnect from the

chaos around you and calm you as you go about your business.


See the Bigger Picture

Depression and boredom can easily set in if all you do is organize

files, receive angry calls from customers and rush about trying to complete endless

tasks. If you look more closely at what you see as a boring routine, you will

discover that it’s a vital aspect of a work cycle, and that without it other

aspects will not function. If you can pinpoint just how useful what you do is

to others, it will give you the necessary boost to press on and fulfil their

expectations – maybe even with a smile on your face.


Clean Up

Your mood will undoubtedly be affected by any clutter and mess around

your workspace and in your drawers. Have a regular clean up of your working

environment, removing all unnecessary clutter and filing the rest.


A Well-Earned Rest

Make sure you take time off for lunch and enjoy it with some colleagues,

chatting and laughing away from the stresses of your pending work. This daily

time out is essential for giving your mind a rest from the constant rhythm of your



Loved Ones

Most of us work for little reward or appreciation, and get little money

in return. We need great resilience to endure all this and meet our

responsibilities to our families and loved ones. Make the most of this positive

motivation and decorate your space with pictures of your nearest and dearest to

lighten up your working environment and remind you of the need to persevere.


A Touch of Nature

Add a natural touch to your office by bringing in a potted plant. Plants

are known to lighten the mood of any room they are in, adding a sense of calm

and serenity.


Reduce Negativity

Back away from discussions revolving around negative aspects of work.

Constructive criticism is sometimes good, but excessive negative remarks can significantly

sour anyone’s mood.


A Quick Break

Every half hour take a two-minute break. On some of these occasions, stretch

your legs with a walk to the cafeteria for your favourite drink. You will

notice your energy levels boost after each mini-break.


Light Snacks

Pack a selection of fresh fruit and eat from it several times a day. This

colourful, natural sugar boost is bound to give you a lift and you can always share

it with a colleague too.



Being in the workplace with other people involves developing ties with

them so that you can enjoy each other’s company. Be supportive of your

colleagues and attend their various events such as birthdays and engagements. Ensure

you stay up to date with their achievements, promotions, new babies and other

life events. They will reciprocate, enhancing your sense of belonging at your workplace

and improving your mood when you are around them.