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The bad boys are back with a bang in Bollywood. With Sanjay Dutt and Rishi Kapoor stealing hero Hrithik Roshan’s thunder in Agneepath , a trend seems to have emerged. Villains are the new poster boys of Hindi films. More importantly, the GenNow face portraying evil on screen is no longer that of a prop actor. Seasoned superstars are now willingly taking to villainous acts, not afraid of experimenting with image anymore.

Over the next one year or so, Aamir Khan will be playing a super thief without any conscience or emotions in Dhoom 3 , Vivek Oberoi will play Bollywood’s first villain with super powers in the new Krrish film, and Akshay Kumar will reprise Dawood Ibrahim in Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai 2 . Evil, as Sanjay’s Kancha and Rishi’s Rauf Lala proved Agneepath , is not an evil proposition to win over the fans anymore. Every top star in the GenNow lot is open playing the bad guy at least once in his career, and the casting of the villain isn’t only about signing talented character artists such as Paresh Rawal, Anupam Kher, Shakti Kapoor or Prakash Raj anymore.

You could of course argue Shah Rukh Khan did it way back in the early nineties when he played the antihero in films such as Darr, Baazigar and Anjaam. There’s a difference, though. SRK’s antihero was driven by the obsession for love or revenge. In Darr, for instance, he is manically possessed with the heroine who loves another man. In Anjaam the obsessive streak extends to murder when he actually kills the husband of the woman he loves. In Baazigar, the hero’s evil streak is spawned by the will to destroy the family of a powerful man who killed his father. The new-age villain as portrayed by today’s superstars — including Shah Rukh Khan in his Don avatar — has no objective motive but the lust for power and money. He doesn’t mind adding an ugly swagger if the role demands as much, showing no remorse or sense of right or wrong whatsoever.

“What is happening now is that crime and criminals are being glorified on the Hindi screen. Heroes taking up roles of villains automatically adds glamour to evil as it is portrayed on screen. Stars often forget they are role models and an impressionable age group gets licence to do whatever they see their stars doing on screen. Till a while ago, even if a star portrayed evil, there was a redeeming feature about the character. That seems to be fading away,” says a veteran producer, not wishing to be named.


: A super thief who banks on acrobatics and hi-tech gadgetry to carry out heists perfectionist Aamir Khan always grabs the headlines with whatever he does. Dhoom 3 is slated to open next year and by Sonali Joshi Aamir, having wrapped up his next, Talaash, is said to be beefing up for the role. The superstar, known to experiment with his roles for every new role, will bulk up because his role of a cunning villain in Dhoom 3 requires him to do some high-voltage action. He is also learning martial arts skills for the act.

: This is the first time that Aamir is playing an out-and out villain in a commercial film. His only negative role so far has been in Deepa Mehta’s arty 1947: Earth. The special bit about Dhoom 3 is that Aamir teams up with Katrina Kaif as the villainous duo in the film. Knowing Aamir’s penchant at perfection, mainstream Bollywood will probably get its most memorable villain in Dhoom 3.


EVIL AVATAR: Kaal, a villain with super powers THESE days, Vivek is working overtime at the gym to get a toned body for his super villain, Kaal. He has been following a strict diet and has been busy with trial costume sessions for that perfect get-up. Vivek, who is desperate to score a hit lately, will be doing his own stunts in the film that will see him share some high-voltage action sequences with the film’s hero, Hrithik Roshan.

THE SPECIAL TOUCH: We are yet to have a proper sci-fi villain in Hindi cinema if only because of the fact that Bollywood is still only waking up to the genre. Arjun Rampal’s Ra.One was a disappointment and the film too was a dud, so it remains to be seen how well Vivek convinces as a supernatural bad guy. Vivek’s Kaal will reportedly incorporate a wry sense of humour to the villainy he portrays on screen, in the lines of Batman’s Joker.

AKSHAY KUMAR in ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAAI 2 EVIL AVATAR: Dawood Ibrahim, the dreaded underworld don

AKSHAY’S sombre look as Dawood Ibrahim has already created a buzz, thanks to the carefullyleaked snapshots on the net. In the past, many filmmakers have attempted to portray Dawood as a fictitious character but Milan Luthria will be attempting to understand the psyche of one of the biggest criminals of the world as also his love life with eighties siren Mandakini (to be essayed by Kareena Kapoor). Akshay takes over the Dawood role from Emraan Hashmi, who played a character based on the don in the first film.

THE SPECIAL TOUCH: For authenticity, Akshay sports the trademark Dawood moustache and accessorises it with elegant suits and cool shades to typify the standard picture of the don that is publicly known. The buzz is that Akshay’s interpretation of Dawood will have no grey shades but only black. In fact the actor, reeling under the jaded image of a comic hero in several duds lately, is banking on this film to resurrect his career.

RISHI KAPOOR in AGNEEPATH EVIL AVATAR: Rauf Lala, a loathsome drug dealer & pimp

NOT even his biggest fans would have imagined Rishi to play the villain so convincingly. He had tried a baddie act, as a psycho professor in Kucch To Hai, but the effort flopped. When producer Karan Johar cast Rishi as Rauf Lala, a filthy mobster who deals in drugs and girls, most weren’t convinced considering the veteran is mostly recalled as the eighties loverboy romancing Sridevi in Chandni.

THE SPECIAL TOUCH: Without doubt, Rishi has essayed the best act in his career of over 40 years. As the vile Rauf Lala who has no remorse, he gets a small role in the film. But he stands out for the sheer screen presence he renders to the role. “I have never had such great response — that too for a negative role,” Rishi said.

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