The Many Shades of Liam Neeson

Yahoo! India Movies

For all our plaints that Bollywood is a studio-driven industry powered by stars from the '30s, here is a film that proves exactly that, but with an efficiency that wins you over. So The Grey is an arctic thriller about Liam Neeson, an oil-rigger who finds his ecological comeuppance when his plane crashes into the snowy nothing. This is the Siberian nightmare we've grown up on, but thankfully the lead actor pulls us through the clichés and The Grey actually turns into a rather enthralling watch, especially when another species of 'best supporting actors' skitter in: the wolves.

Yet, for all of those who think that Bollywood films are too  star-driven and we depend too much on them, The Grey might offer some solace. But there is no escaping the rather decent production design, the attempt to create the atmosphere, the icy menace that makes for a rather decent horror/thriller film without having to worry, "Oh, God! Sonakshi is going to do an item number next!"

The film also conjoins the talents of two uniquely brilliant brothers: producers Tony and Ridley Scott have given us films as brilliant and diverse as Blade Runner, Top Gun, Thelma and Louise and now this. Give yourself some cheap thrills with The Grey this weekend. This is Holly Good!