Things to Do before You Plan a Baby

If you think that planning a wedding is hectic, wait till you have kids! Unless you are lucky enough to be living in a joint family, chances are that you and your husband will have to take care of the kid all by yourself. Once you have a small baby in the house, you might as well give up all the hope of sleeping through the night; leave aside your holiday plans. So, before you actually think about taking up this responsibility, make sure you fulfill all your desires. Here are a few things you can do before venturing into parenthood.
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Get adventurous

Try out all the adventorous activities which you have seen only in Bollywood flicks. Go for sky diving, bungee jumping, rock climbing etc. It is the best way to reaffirm your marital bond. Go crazy and do whatever death-defying things you have always dreamt of. Once you have your little ones at home, reckless behaviour would not be possible. So, do it while you are both young and ‘baby-free'!

Paint the town red

Make a list of all the restaurants and night clubs that you have been yearning to visit for so long. Just pick up a food and restaurant guide from the market to pin down the best in the city. Make the most of this romantic time, as you will never be able to experience this much freedom post-kids. This does not mean that you cannot dine out after you have kids, but with them you would not be able to spend that much time with your husband. Besides this, spending time with your partner on romantic candlelight dinners will bring the two of you even more closer.

Plan frequent vacations

Going on a vacation does not mean that you have to plan them in advance. Random and short trips are even more exciting. Spending hours alone together on a beach or on a riverside will help you to further strengthen your marital bond. It does not matter where you go, just get in the car and drive. This is one thing that is best done before you have kids. Cherish this time alone in your car because the car will never be the same after you have a baby.

Get intimate

From handcuffs to role play, fulfil all your sexual fantasies before you begin your new journey. Your life between the sheets will never be that spicy again. You can get intimate with your partner post-delivery, but you will often feel tired as managing your baby’s daily chores might leave you exhausted by then. So, make the most of this time and enjoy these romantic moments.

Plan night outs

This is one thing you have done all through your college life. And, now you love going out for late night parties with your spouse, but after a baby this would never be possible again. So, go for a long drive with your partner post dinner, hang out with friends and get drunk. You can catch up on your sleep the next day. 

Well, it is said that everything changes after having kids. While parenthood is undoubtedly a remarkable experience, but your wishes do take a back seat. So, make the most out of your pre-natal years with your partner!