This horrific truck accident in South Africa is the worst video you'll ever see

Yahoo! Autos Canada

A lot of "graphic warning"s editors append to web videos don't live up to their billing. Few modern people are seriously troubled by twerking, f-bombs, or Super Bowl nipple slips. This video, which a colleague moments ago pointed out on the Daily Mail, belongs to another category altogether. The footage, captured by a dash-mounted webcam, shows the near erasure of a procession of cars at a busy street crossing in Durban, South Africa, by a semi trailer running a red light at what appears to be top speed. It's hard to watch. It's hard not to watch.

Reports indicate that as many as 22 people died in the accident--19 at the scene, and three later in hospital--some after being flung from their cars and dragged by the truck. The cause of the accident is thought due to brake failure, but the truck driver has since been arrested and charged with culpable homicide. Stay tuned for details.