This year's worst dressed - Ekta Kapoor

Divya Sudarsanan

For someone who has made a name, and millions from her soaps, and more recently, her films, the least one would expect her to have is a ready access to classy designer clothes, shoes and accessories to boot. Tragically, that isn't the true in Ekta Kapoor's case.

For a former fat-to-fit gal, Kapoors' style really hasn't changed, meaning she has the same outfit in different colours and patterns. Her penchant for her maxis or bustier-hugging gowns to unappealing Indian wear adorned with tacky embellishments that look like it's straight off her set, fails to do her any justice.

Once in a blue moon, she's known to get her ensemble right,  ever so slightly; BUT (of course, there had to be a but) her choice of inappropriate, no scratch that, Ghastly-with-a-capital-G footwear and worn-a-million-times wedges (and we're being kind here) that have survived many a red carpet,  Bolly bashes and award shows, always make an appearance, which begs the question: is it a numerology/footwear-related thing, or is she just orthopedically challenged?