This year's worst dressed - Rani Mukerji

Khristina Patra
Yahoo! India

Who does not love Rani Mukerjee? We have loved her from the very beginning of her career in Bollywood; her voice is one of the most recall-worthy, as are her excellent histrionic skills.

But Rani, along with her Bollywood peer, Vidya Balan, belongs to a band of actresses who consistently let us down with their terrible style sense. Rani's bad fashion choices literally went through stages in her acting career, starting with a bad haircut, followed by bad choice in hair colour, followed by unflattering outfits, followed by weight gain.

Recently, in an attempt to make a comeback, she lost oodles of weight so she could wear a bikini. While the weight loss looked awesome, the bikini looked terrible. We yearned for her girl-next-door look. She, like Vidya, found a stylist in designer Sabyasachi and would make public appearances wearing typical Sabyasachi saris.

While Rani is adventurous enough to try out chic skirts, pant suits and overalls, she, unfortunately, still has not gotten the drift with what looks best on her. We are reminded of that horrendous satin dress she wore to Karan Johar's 40th birthday bash, which looked more of a night gown than a party dress.

We love Rani for trying, but we fear she will end up in the trying-too-hard group, much like so many other unfortunate Bollywood wannabe divas.