Tintin creates a buzz on the Internet

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There is a lot of buzz around the new Tintin movie on the Internet. Here is a look at what critics and movie buffs across the world are saying.

And while we're always excited to experience what Spielberg can pull off—not to mention see more from a comic book series that's remained popular around the world since the 1930s—we just don't get much but a taste here. Adventure and mystery are allegedly afoot, but we don't really see our hero (voiced by Jamie Bell) much or get a feel for what his upcoming adventure holds. Says E! Online

A preview trailer just released shows the influence of Jackson, using Weta Digital technology from New Zealand, but retaining the classic touch of Belgian writer-illustrator Herge (real name Georges Remi), on whose works the film is based. Says TVNZ

The "Tintin" trailer offers a nice glimpse of the animation style used by director Steven Spielberg and producer Peter Jackson in bringing the beloved character's stories to life. And even if you aren't familiar with Tintin, you can't help but be intrigued by the project's credits, which include the aforementioned Spielberg and Jackson, as well as a screenplay co-written by Edgar Wright ("Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World"), Steven Moffat ("Doctor Who"), and Joe Cornish ("Ant-Man"). And that's just the people who aren't appearing on the screen!

The film follows Tintin, a courageous young reporter as he is enveloped in a world of adventure and danger, all in the name of chasing a good story. Says WSJ

Will Leitch says -- The character's eyes have the same fake, empty, creepy vibe that audiences have clearly rejected -- a problem that was fixed in "Avatar" but doesn't appear to be fixed here -- and the story feels, well, we'll just say familiar. Yahoo! Movies