Top 7 Essentials to Have on Wedding Day

Every bride wants her wedding day to be nothing less than perfect. With all the meticulous planning and brainstromming, you certainly would not want anything to mess up this special day for you. Well, as you don your finest outfit, jewellery and accessories, you would like to keep a few other things that you may (or may not) need on your wedding day. So, here is a list of essential things that you should pack in an emergency kit, and hand it over to your best friend or sibling to take care of. You might not require certain things in this list, but you can pick and choose the ones you think you will need.

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Vanity Box

Make a small vanity case in which you can carry a comb or brush, hair spray, emery board for chipped nails, and basic blushers for touch up. Also keep a water-proof mascara, moisturising lotion, and the nail paint of the same colour that you are wearing on your D-day. Do not forget to put a small compact mirror, perfume and powder in the box as well.

Emergency Kit

Safety pins are a must to add to your emergency kit. These small things can be very handy in times of wardrobe distress. Also keep some sanitary pads, and dry and wet tissues in that bag. Other than these, also keep a lint brush, a small iron, a sewing needle, and a scissors as well.

Emergency Jewellery and Accessories

Keep some extra back-clasps for earrings to avoid any unwanted surprises. Also, keep some extra necklace clasps handy for any jewellery emergencies. Keep a spare hair clip, hair pins and rubber bands along as well.

Avoid Bad Breath

Carry some mints, gum or some other mouth freshner along with you. Also prefer eating food that won't become a reason for bad breath. It is best to avoid eating sticky foods that would leave its traces on your teeth. Well, you certainly would not want your beautiful photos to be tarnished with traces of food visable in your teeth.

Extra Pair

Walking around in 4-inch heels, wearing a heavy bridal outfit, with packs of makeup slapped on your face, can surely be a tiring task. It is a good thumb rule to always pack extra pair of beautiful yet comfortable clothing along. Also, keep a pair of casual shoes with you wherever you go. Change into them if you feel excessively uncomfortable in your heavy clothes, once all the ceremonies and formalities are over.

Contact Information

It is a good idea to have the contact information of all your wedding vendors, the venue management with you at all times. This suggestion not only goes for you, but for your close family members as well. You should also keep some cash and a pocket diary with emergency numbers of your family members and friends along.

Eat and Drink

Prefer bottled water and straws for your drinks, so that you do not mess up with the lipstick or spill something on yourself. Also stick to dry, foods that you can eat with toothpicks, and snack packets so that you do not spoil your beautiful and expensive dress. Also, carry important medications like antacid, aspirin.

Enjoy your day

Depending on the season and the wedding destination, you can customise your wedding day emergency kit the same way you personalise your wedding. With a little foresight and some careful planning, your packed, ready-to-go wedding day bag can prepare you prepare you for any emergency that the day would throw towards you. So, leave all your worries behind and just enjoy your D-day, as this is your most special day of your life.