Tusshar Drops Kapoor From His Name

Tusshar Drops Kapoor From His Name

Tusshar aka Tusshar Kapoor has decided to take a leaf from his father Jeetendra's book. Like his father, Tusshar too has decided to drop his last name.

The Golmaal actor today took to Twitter to request his fans and the member of the media to refer to him as Tusshar only and not Tusshar Kapoor.

“Ok so I changed my name in 2000 owing to numerology! Added an 's' & removed my surname! Call it superstition or whatever, it is my choice!,” he posted on the micro-blogging site.

“So guys, especially the media, please don't half change my name! If it's Tusshar then nothing follows therefore not Tusshar kapoor! Agreed??,” he further added.

It seems not only Ekta Kapoor, but the entire Kapoor clan believes a lot in numerology.