Victoria's Secret denies model's 'piece of meat' allegations


New York, April 27 (ANI): Model-turned-devout-Christian Kylie Bisutti, who blasted Victoria's Secret for making her feel like a "piece of meat," has been slammed the brand, which says that she wasn't even an "Angel" in the first place.

The lingerie maker told the New York Daily News in a statement that Bisutti has made numerous fabrications and misstatements of fact regarding her brief association with the company.

"In 2009, Ms. Bisutti won an online amateur modeling competition and hasn't worked for us since that year," the statement said.

The 23-year-old has claimed in her new book- 'I'm No Angel' - that she felt demoralized during several photo shoots.

Bisutti said that once, a photographer pushed her against the wall for a kiss, while another time, she was encouraged to pull her top up just a little more because "this is what Victoria's Secret models" do.

The book takes aim at not just Victoria's Secret but at the modelling industry as a whole.

However, the brand wants to make it clear that Bisutti's ties to the brand are exaggerated.

"Contrary to Ms. Bisutti's claims, she was never offered any subsequent modeling contracts or opportunities within Victoria's Secret despite her multiple appeals for further work," the statement said.

"She has repeatedly fabricated her work experience with Victoria's Secret - including a relationship that simply did not exist," it added. (ANI)