Vidyut Jammwal Has Performed 'Commando' Stunts Himself

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Vidyut Jammwal Has Performed 'Commando' Stunts Himself

Just when Vipul Shah's Commando had hit the audience with its eye-popping trailer, actor Vidyut Jammwal went a step ahead and amazed one and all with his live stunts at the film's first look launch.

The audiences were astonished to witness the stunts that Vidyut was performing. Little did anyone know that even during the film's shooting, Vidyut had performed the stunts himself.

A spokesperson of the movie said, "When we were discussing the production aspect of the film, Vidyut suggested that the action sequences should be shot on actual locations. A lot of people were apprehensive on this. However, Vidyut had it his way".

Commando, also starring Pooja Chopra, is set to release on April 12, 2013.