Weekend Watch: Kill List

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Genre: Crime/ Thriller
Language: English
Release Date: March 2011    
Verdict: Spine chiller

The first thing about this striking British thriller is that it’s incomprehensible without subtitles for the cockney accent. This is because when the Irish gargle out English, it really doesn’t speak volumes of how close Ireland is to England, geographically. But look beyond that and it offers a nail-biting shocker to remember.

While the film opens and continues to be, for the large part, a straight-out action flick, progressively it develops into a dark cult classic. And that is one of the biggest attractions about the film- that you can never predict where the story will take you. Without being a spoiler, we can tell you that the film takes us into the lives of two professional hitmen who were former military men and how their lives take an unexpected turn after a series of missions.

The film lends a creepy feeling right from the beginning with subtle and some obvious hints about a parallel story and does a pretty well job in building up terror. This style and technique could be compared to the brilliance of Polanski’s early work where a lot of discomfort was communicated through very little. But the real secret takes such a long time to unravel itself, one is likely to forget the clues offered through the film. If you want to truly be thrilled, it’s best to not pick up the clues scattered through the film.

Despite being from the independent genre, the film has considerably high production values. One defining style used through most of the film is that dialogues of the preceding scene begin with visuals of the one leading up to it. Not something that has been done for the first time but aesthetically executed for sure.

Although the film didn’t get a lot of international acclaim, it got half a dozen nominations and one win at the 2011 British Independent Film Awards. Not suitable for the faint-hearted, this one.

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