What happened after shootout at Wadala

Sayoni Sinha
India Movies Editorial

The man behind the encounter, Isaque Bagwan recalls how his life was under threat after killing Manya Surve

The makers of Shootout at Wadala have revealed the first look of one of the characters played by John Abraham. John plays the character of Manya Surve, the first educated Hindu gangster whose reign of terror in the area of Agar Bazaar in Dadar. On 11th January, 1982, Bombay witnessed its first ever police encounter outside Wadala College when police squad led by Isaque Bagwan shot Manya Surve point blank.

 Actor Anil Kapoor, will play supercop Isaque Bagwan in Sanjay Gupta's 'Shootout At Wadala', When this reporter had met Bagwan few years ago, he recalled how his life was under treat after he killed Manya Surve. “After killing Manya Surve in an encounter, I used to receive threats from his associate Sheikh Munir who would call the crime branch with bogus names and ask for me. Then one day, he asked me to come to Mumbai Central where he tried to kill me.”

And the threats didn’t stop there and his family was also under treat. He recalls, “Criminals landed up at my house and told my wife that I had met with an accident near Regal theatre when actually I was out of town. I had gone to Mangalore to arrest some criminals who had escaped from our custody. I had instructed my wife to never open the door to any stranger. So when she saw two people she didn’t know, she called my office and was told that I was not in town.”