Why was Kiran Rao miffed?

Sayoni Sinha
Yahoo! India Movies

Kiran Rao was upset when she came to know about 'behind the scenes' shoot at her house but later relented when Aamir intervened

Being a private person, Kiran Rao wasn’t very kicked with the idea of letting the crew of  Aamir Khan’s debut TV showcase her house. Being a hands-on father Aamir has been working out of home, ever since his son Azad was born. So, all his pre-production work and research meetings have been happening at his residence.

Like every show, the crew wanted to make a video of behind the scenes and shoot at his house. They wanted to show Aamir working on the show and discussing concepts. Since Aamir has put all his future projects on hold so that he can fully concentrate on the show, the crew decided to record those moments. But when Kiran Rao came to know of this, she was very peeved. “Kiran is a very private person and doesn’t want to show her house on national TV,” says a source

However, she relented after Aamir Khan's intervened and explained to Kiran that the crew his very passionate about the show and the shoot would really add to the value. Not much is known about his new show and Aamir is trying his best to keep everything under wraps


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