How to Woo Your Spouse on Honeymoon

Love is the strongest human bond that needs to be expressed time and again, so that it does not decay overtime. That is why, couples need to strengthen their bond whenever they get the chance to keep the love in their relationship alive.

Couples who are getting married after a long-term relationship already love each other. They just need to remind themselves and their partner from time to time about this. While, those who found their better halves through an arranged setup are just starting their journey to discover each other as a couple.

Well, whether you are finding love or rediscovering its magic, what can be a better time and place than your honeymoon! So, here are a few simple gestures through which couples can make their spouse fall in love with them on their honeymoon.

For love marriages

Couples in a love marriage lose the charm in their relationship because of the lack of attention or negligence from their lover. Honeymoon is a special time for such couples, where even the simplest effort can go a long way in helping them to reconnect with each other.

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Woo your wife

Guys, here are some tips to make your woman fall in love with you once again:-

  • Recreate your first date on your honeymoon.
  • Compliment her in front of strangers. Also, hold hands when you are going out.
  • Make love notes that are filled with precious memories of your relationship. And, hide them in the room for her to find.
  • If your wife loves public display of affection, then confess your love in front of strangers. This way she will know how deeply you care for her.

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Woo your husband

Most men are not too good at expressing their feelings, so girls, here is how you can do the needful instead:-

  • Way to a man’s heart indeed lies through his stomach. So, sneak into the hotel kitchen and take the chef’s help to cook a surprise dinner for him.
  • Plan a surprise date for him. After all, he has been doing that for long, so time to return the favour we say.
  • Tease the kid in him with a treasure hunt game in your hotel room. We don’t need to add how it should end, do we?
  • Tantalise his senses by packing some special lingerie for the time between the sheets. Also, surprise him with moves which he has never seen before.

If you have been together for long, you already know each other well enough. This will make your job a bit simpler.

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For arranged marriages

In an arranged marriage, there is little scope for boredom. You two are discovering each other, and creating fresh and special memories. So, instead of feeling shy, you can use the seclusion and privacy to your full advantage.

Woo your wife

Guys, here are some tips for you to express your love for your wife:-

  • You have never officially proposed her, so why not do this now? Arrange for a romantic night with flowers, gifts, and a special ring. Get down on one knee and pop the question. Here is a bright side to this gesture; you already know her answer!
  • Show interest in her life and activities. The best way to get close to her is to be a good listener.
  • On honeymoon, sex is a matter of immense curiosity for couples. She will love it if you initiate the first move. But, do so gently and lovingly.
  • Never shy away from eye contact, and do not leave her alone. Click as many pictures as possible to create your memories of love.

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Woo your husband

Girls, here are some tips to make your husband fall in love with you:-

  • Show interest in sports when you are together, guys really like that.
  • If your hubby is shy, you can bring up the topic of lovemaking. Leave him hints that physical intimacy is not a problem.
  • Shower your hubby with attention and compliments (guys, love it too!). He will surely acknowledge your efforts and this will help you to discover love in your bond.
  • Treat him with a smile and remind him how special this alone time is for you.

Honeymoon phase in an arranged marriage can be characterised by certain awkward and silent moments as well. It is best to laugh at these awkward parts together to relieve each other's shyness.

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Whether love marriage or arranged, couples need to connect and discover the love in their relationship time and again. So, make your honeymoon special by creating some loving memories with these tips.