Niamh Algar, Tom Felton board WWII thriller 'Burial'

Los Angeles, Jun 15 (PTI) Actors Niamh Algar, Tom Felton and Dianna Rigg are set to star in the World War II thriller 'Burial'.

Set towards the fag end of the war, the film will be helmed by writer-director Ben Parker, who made his debut with the 2016 horror thriller 'The Chamber', reported Deadline.

'Burial' will follow a fictional story of a small band of Russian soldiers led by female intelligence officer Brana Vasilyeva (Algar), who are tasked with trafficking Hitler's discovered remains back to Stalin in Moscow.

En route, the unit is attacked by murderous German 'Wehrwolf' partisans. Vasilyeva and her fellow survivors must make a last stand to ensure their 'cargo' doesn't fall into the hands of their attackers and be buried forever to hide the truth.

While newcomer Algar's credits include the British miniseries drama 'The Virtues', Felton is best known for playing the troubled Draco Malfoy in the 'Harry Potter' film franchise.

Rigg, an acting veteran, has been etched in pop culture as the sharp-tongued Lady Olenna Tyrell in 'Game of Thrones'.

'Burial' will also star Tom Glynn-Carney ('Dunkirk') and Ian Hart ('God's Own Country').

'Yesterday' producer Matthew James Wilkinson will back the film for Stigma Films alongside Paul Higgins for Fields Park Media Partners and Hugh Spearing, who produced 'The Chamber'.

Co-producer will be Ivo Felt of All Film, Estonia, where the majority of production will take place.

Principal photography will begin in late 2020. PTI RDS RDS