Nicki Minaj Has To Pay USD 450000 For Copyright Issue Against Tracy Chapman

Ruchita Ushakola
·1-min read

Nicki Minaj wrote and recorded a song titled “Sorry”, which is said to been copied from Tracy Chapman’s 1988’s song “Baby Can I Hold You”. Earlier, she denied the fact that a claim she formalized in court documents filed in February 2019.

She did, however, tweet about not being granted sample clearance from Chapman and in September 2020, Minaj was handed a small victory in the case when Judge Virginia A. Phillips said that the rapper did not commit copyright infringement.

But now, according to THR Nicki is paying USD 4,50,000 to Tracy and the magazine reports that the documents have been accepted by both parties and so the case will not be moving forward to court this year.

THR reports that according to court documents, Nicki and her reps sought a license to the song back then, after trying to buy a sample and being refused by Tracy Chapman’s representatives. Today, the US District Court Judge Virginia Phillips ruled in favor of Tracy, stating that while Nicki did have a right to experiment with the music, using the leaked clip was not appreciated.