Nietzsche Labs — A Creative Technology Development Shop That Delivers Originality

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Some people like to work for others and let the ideas trickle down to tasks they perform. Some people like Wally Sajimi prefer to work for themselves, invent original ideas, and bring them to life in the most fulfilling ways.

While working for the United Bank of Switzerland and then Salesforce, Sajimi couldn’t help but think he was missing his calling. His vision had always been something more and extended far beyond these typical jobs. And when creative go-getters have finally had enough of the ‘ho-hum’ 9 to 5 gig, they break loose.

For Sajimi, this newfound freedom exploded into entrepreneurial ventures that satiated his creative mind. With a penchant for music and fashion trends and a mind for technology, Sajimi soon made his presence known in ‘all things digital.’

Nietzsche Labs, a technology development shop that builds websites, apps, and more, is Sajimi’s second vision turned reality. “You can think of Nietzsche Labs as being a low-key creative technology development shop where we build websites, apps, designs, forums, or whatever you can think of, and we’ll try to make it come to life.”

Nietzsche Labs and Sajimi have amassed quite an impressive portfolio of fashion brand clients such as Nasaseasons, PsychWorld, Young Thug’s Spider Worldwide, Cactus Plant Flea Market and more. In October during the release for the Cactus Plant Flea Market Air Force 1 sneakers, Wally and his crew pulled out all the stops for Cactus Plant Flea Market that needed extra security to prevent people from buying up their inventory. They created friction for customers and bots who wanted to by more than 1 pair by making shipping a ridiculously impossible 1,000.000 dollars. It’s this type of little innovative thinking and technological know-how that sets Wally and Nietzsche Labs apart from other agencies.

Fashion brands are not the only perfect customers for Nietzsche Labs. Musicians also work with him to tap into unique creative perspecitves for their projects on the digital technology side. A$AP Mob, Cinematic Music Group, G4 Boyz, and more have all looked to Nietzsche Labs to stand out from the crowd. Likewise, YouTubers and creators such as Nelk Boys, Hidji World, and more have commissioned Sajimi to create eye-catching videos for dominance in the YouTube and creator space.

Known for thinking outside the box, Wally says he doesn’t like doing things the conventional way. Instead, he prefers to add an air of mystery to his projects. For instance, he chooses to keep some of his clients anonymous and says that people instantly know our work when they reveal their projects. “It’s nice to know that when a project goes out, or we work with someone and immediately people know you worked on that project. I prefer that instead of virtual signaling to the masses that I work with so and so,” adds Wally.

As an entrepreneur, Nietzsche Labs is not Wally’s first venture. In 2016, he founded Endorsify, an influencer marketplace connecting creators with paid brand opportunities and pricing influencer content. Wally sold Endorsify’s assets that included over 10,000 female influencers and content creators to Her Campus Media in July of this year.

These days Wally is focused on his work with Nietzsche Labs and helping his creative clients best express their brand and exclusivity. And he would tell you that breaking loose from his 9 to 5 grind and unleashing his creative mind has been far from ‘ho-hum.’

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