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Karishma Kapoor and Sunjay Kapur:

While they got married in a lavish wedding in 2003, their marriage was not a happy one. The reasons for their fallout were plenty, and public. While Sunjay alleged that Karishma had married him for his money and was not a good mother to their children, Karishma accused Sunjay of harassment and filed a dowry case against him and his mother. She also stated that he was living with another woman in Delhi, while still being married to her. After a troubled marriage that lasted for 13 years, Karishma Kapoor and her former husband Sunjay Kapur fought a prolonged separation battle and filed for divorce in 2014. Karishma and Sunjay were granted a divorce in June 2017.

Eight of the most bitter celebrity spats and divorces

Everything seems to be going downhill with cricketer Mohammad Shami and his wife Hasin Jahan. Both have been trading nasty allegations in public ever since Jahan came out with shocking revelations about the cricketer and his alleged affairs to media. Jahan has also filed an FIR against Shami and four members of his family under several IPC sections, including cruelty to a woman by her husband and his relatives.

While some celebrity breakups and divorces have been pretty amicable, with the estranged partners staying friends, many others have been ugly, bitter ones with allegations and accusations being traded back and forth. We take a look at some of the nastiest public spats and divorces in India.