Nitish Bharadwaj: Want to Work With Gutsy Directors Who Can Think of Me in Different Light

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Known for his iconic role of Krishna in the 1992 show Mahabharata, Nitish Bharadwaj has been very selective about his projects. The actor was last seen in Samantar which also marked his web debut. Prior to that, he was a part of Sara Ali Khan’s debut film Kedarnath in which he played her father. While he isn’t choosy about his work, Bharadwaj says that directors need to come up with something that is worth exploring. “There are not many directors who can take risks to offer me roles, something that I did in Kedarnath or Mohenjo Daro. Filmmakers need to see the actor inside me and then offer a role which is almost like a casting coup. You need guts for that and I want to work with gutsy directors who can think of me in a different light.”

He further says that run-of-the-mill work doesn’t fire his imagination. “I am always trying to find different characters. It channlises and drives me. There are nine rasas (navrasa) written in Bhratmuni’s natyashastra and various combinations of these rasas can throw possibilities of many characters and so someone needs to come and challenge me.”

The actor will soon be seen in the second season of Samantar. Ask him about what excited him to take up the character and Bharadwaj says, “It was the genre of psychological thriller which was one of the biggest challenges. My character is almost like a mystery man which I have never performed in the past. Through this series, many people are discussing fate, destiny, and karma. and it also initiates a new thought in society.”

Apart from Mahabharata, Bharadwaj has also worked in other mythological shows like Vishnu Puran and Ramayan in the past. But he is not a fan of the new age mythological shows. “I don’t see much of it. There is a huge amount of money in television and OTT. So the producers and directors should not get lost in visual extravagance and opulence and in the process forget the research and the script. Eventually, these things desensitise the human mind,” the actor says adding that it is only the emotions of characters that people will be able to relate to.

“Beyond a point, things like six-pack abs aren’t going to work and move the audience. These are all presentations and not the end of it. It is only emotions that move the audience and that is where filmmakers need to connect to.”​

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