No Check-In Baggage? Get Discount on Air Ticket Fares for Domestic Flights

Team Latestly
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New Delhi, February 26: Domestic flyers will soon get to travel at light fares if they do not carry check-in baggage, reports said on Friday. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has reportedly allowed airlines to offer discounts in ticket prices to passengers who carry no baggage or only cabin baggage. Currently, a passenger can carry up to 7 kilograms of cabin baggage and 15 kilograms of check-in baggage. Kushinagar Airport Gets Necessary Approvals from DGCA to Operate Int'l Flights.

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Under the new rule, if a passenger declares s/he will be travelling with no check-in baggage or only with cabin baggage within the permissible weight limit, airlines can offer tickets at lesser prices. This declaration will have to be made at the time of the booking of the ticket. "As part of airline baggage policy, scheduled airlines will be allowed to offer free baggage allowance as well as "zero baggage/no check in baggage fares," the DGCA said in its circular. Ban on International Flights Extended Till February 28 by DGCA Due to COVID-19 Pandemic.

Passengers will be charged if they choose "no check-in baggage" fare and turn up at the airport with check-in luggage. "These applicable charges shall be reasonable; prominently displayed to the passenger at the time of booking of ticket and also to be printed on the ticket," the aviation watch-dog said. It also allowed unbundling of other services like preferential seating and said passengers should be charged if they opt them.

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"Considering the fact that unbundling of services and charges thereto has the potential to make basic fare more affordable and provide consumer an option of paying for the services which he/she wishes to avail, it has been decided by the government to allow these services to be unbundled and charged separately on opt-in basis," the DGCA added.