There is no colour version of 'The Lighthouse', says Robert Eggers

Los Angeles, Nov 18 (PTI) Filmmaker Robert Eggers has made it clear that there is no colour version of his latest film 'The Lighthouse' as he stayed committed to his vision of making a black-and-white movie.

In an interview with The Collider, Eggers said the producers took some convincing to back the project but once they boarded it, they never interfered with his vision.

'Once the financiers were on board shooting black and white - as in, there's no colour version of this movie in any way possible - then it was like, 'OK if you want to go crawl around with a flashlight in the back of the PanaVision closets and find old, dusty lenses that no one's touched the 1930s, we're over it'.

'So, that part of it - the lenses, nobody minded but it was the format that was a little bit more challenging. But once the financiers and distribute were on board, there were incredibly supportive and gave me and my collaborators great freedom. I mean, clearly, because this is not normal,' the filmmaker said.

'The Lighthouse', which featured Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson in the lead, is about two lighthouse keepers who start to lose their sanity when a storm strands them on the remote island on which they are stationed.

The film released in the US on October 18. PTI RB RBRB