No work, haven't paid half of last year's tax: Kangana

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No work, haven
No work, haven

09 Jun 2021: No work, haven't paid half of last year's tax: Kangana

Kangana Ranaut recently revealed that she has not been able to pay "half of my last year's tax yet," because of "no work." Claiming that she is "the highest tax paying actress," Ranaut informed that this is the "first time in my life" she's facing such a crisis. As a result, the government is charging her interest, but she still doesn't mind that.

Quote: Together we're tougher than the time, Ranaut's rare positive note

"Even though I come under highest tax slab pay almost 45% of my income as tax, even though I am the highest tax-paying actress but because of no work haven't paid half of my last year's tax yet, first time in my life," wrote Ranaut. "Time could be tough for us individually but together we are tougher than the time," she ended it positively.

Story: She was talking in context of the new vaccine proposal

The Queen actress was talking in context of the recently-proposed "Each One Pay One" scheme of the central government. Sharing a screenshot of a news story about the same, the actress said on Instagram that she "welcome this move," and asked her followers about their opinion on the same. Ranaut, a known admirer of PM Narendra Modi, has vociferously expressed her support multiple times.

COVID-19: So, what is the new 'Each One Pay One' policy?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government updated the COVID-19 vaccination policy yesterday, as per which, the Center will procure 75% of all vaccine doses manufactured, which will be then provided to states for free. The enhanced policy encourages the use of non-transferable Electronic Vouchers to allow people to buy vaccinations for those in need. The RBI is likely to issue these vouchers soon.

Careless: COVID-19 recovered Ranaut steps out, without a mask, again

Meanwhile, Ranaut's mask-less strolls continue. Recently, she visited her half-demolished office, and posed for the paparazzi from the balcony, all while not wearing a mask. The performer just recovered from COVID-19, yet she ditches the most important safety aspect to tackle the virus, a face mask. This, however, is not the first time Ranaut has been spotted without a cover on her face.

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