No 'Joker' on Indian TV "since the movie glorifies violence"

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04 Nov 2020: No 'Joker' on Indian TV "since the movie glorifies violence"

Path-breaking DC movie Joker, starring Joaquin Phoenix, will not be screened on Indian satellite TV channels.

In a recent tweet by journalist Utkarsh Anand, the two-page order by Film Certificate Appellate Tribunal (FCAT) has been uploaded.

It upholds the decision by Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) to ban the film from broadcasting on any Indian channel due to the degree of violence shown.

Court order: CBFC had given 'A' tag, film meant for restricted exhibition

In the recent order by Justice Manmohan Sarin, it was mentioned that Turner International India Pvt. Ltd. had made an appeal against CBFC's refusal to give the certificate for satellite viewing in India.

CBFC had maintained that the film was suitable for restricted public exhibition.

The order explained that following CBFC's tag of 'A' certificate for Joker, Turner International pushed for unrestricted satellite viewing.

Fact: This is the tweet that informed the heart-breaking news

Order: Appellant had pushed for the film with 58 voluntary edits

In order to strengthen the demand for a U/A certificate for the film, appellant Turner International India had sought permission for satellite telecasting of Joker with English subtitles having 58 voluntary edits involving censors and deletions.

The court still disagreed on the glorification of violence committed by the anti-hero in the film, i.e. actor Phoenix aka Joker, which might disturb non-adult audience.

Court says: "In case seen by non-adults, it would have lasting effect"

"The film glorifies violence and in case it is seen by non-adults, it would have lasting effect on their impressionable minds," the order read.

It concluded that the narrative in the film will create an adverse impact on children.

Sarin, Chief Justice (retd) and FCAT chairperson, and FCAT members Madhu Jain and Shekhar Iyer have signed the order.

Mixed response: Many slammed FCAT's decision, said Hindi films also promote violence

Evidently, Twitterati went divisive over the order, with many supporting FCAT's decision on the ground of the film's treatment of violence.

Others opined that the film has already been released and widely appreciated all over India, arguing that there are several Hindi films that also show violence.

Joker released across Indian theaters on October 2, 2019 with no cuts and an 'A' certificate.

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