No work, no income, no PF either, laments Himani Shivpuri

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No work, no income, no PF either, laments Himani Shivpuri
No work, no income, no PF either, laments Himani Shivpuri

18 May 2021: No work, no income, no PF either, laments Himani Shivpuri

Himani Shivpuri recently shared how actors, "especially the older ones," are facing a real tough time during the pandemic.

"We earn only when we work. Now, we've nothing to fall back on," said the 60-year-old, highlighting the need for provident fund or care fund for performers of her stature.

Before her, several others rued the lack of work and the subsequent financial strain.

Initiative: 'Our income now is zero, but is it our fault?'

Speaking to Hindustan Times, the Pardes star said with nearly no work this past year, actors, especially senior actors, have had no safety net to "fall back on."

"They call this an industry but it hasn't given the status of film industry nor does it function like one. Our income now is zero as there's no work, but it is our fault?" she rued.

Disaster management: She called for restructuring the financial model of the industry

Shivpuri called for a restructuring of the financial model that the entertainment industry follows.

"We don't have any care fund or something that we can draw money from during these difficult situations. We don't have a pension. What do we do?" she posed.

The veteran actress, however, admitted that many people have it worse than actors, mentioning, "(but) struggle is struggle."

Priority: For now, the focus is to 'survive this pandemic'

It remains to be seen if the Media and Entertainment industry implements any of Shivpuri's suggestions in the future, but she stressed that the only option now is to stay safe "and survive this pandemic."

"With the current scenario, with lags in medical infrastructure, we need to take care of our own security," she signed off.

Shivpuri currently appears in Happu Ki Ultan Paltan.

COVID-19 effect: Tracing back, Ayub Khan sang the same tune before

To recall, a similar concern was expressed by another popular television and movie face, actor Ayub Khan, last month.

The Uttaran actor had confessed to have not earned anything in the last 1.5 years and how it has impacted the monetary situation.

"If things go from bad to worse, one will have to put out a hand for help," the 53-year-old had said.

Fact: Maharashtra halted vaccination for under-44 recently, further upsetting entertainment industry

Earlier, in a blow to the junior artists and technicians, the Maharashtra government had halted the vaccination drive for those in the 18-44 age group. The move miffed the entertainment industry, given most workers fall under the 45 age bar.

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