With No Prior Experience in Politics, how Tiziano Motti turned around his 2009 electoral campaign


Political campaigns are known to be complicated, time-consuming, and somewhat challenging even for well-established political parties. Italy’s political landscape is no different, with each group working towards striking the right chord with voters, in a somewhat orthodox manner. However, ex-MEP Tiziano Motti took the elections by storm, breaking the norms and running a successful campaign in 2009 all by himself.

Tiziano Motti’s solo campaign which ended with his election as an MEP was hailed for its unconventional approach along with an assortment of marketing strategies and communication methods to reach out to the general public and various demographics. He used several mediums to project certain aspects of his personality, including his entrepreneurial success and charismatic showmanship. Motti elaborates, “I decided to help people identify with various facets of my life. If a promising candidate utilizes the right marketing strategies, with detailed planning, electoral success is indeed possible.”

Motti’s ideas were appreciated for being unique and out of the box. He ran a provocative online survey, asking people which party they would have nominated him for. The result was an even 50-50 scenario and helped Motti understand the pulse of the audience. He ran a poster campaign which depicted no political symbols and only his face, with titles that helped people identify him as one of them.

On the one hand, he handed out flyers at various locations during the day; on the other, he performed at discos in the night. He designed numerous rap campaign rallies and concerts. While his efforts to help the youth identify with him, were largely successful, there were editorials in newspapers that emphasized on his initiatives towards protecting citizens and other policies, to maintain the delicate balance between being approachable and maintaining a professional image.

Tiziano Motti’s style of campaigning was nicknamed “pop” politics, while the Armando Curcio Editore Group even published a book titled “Sono come te, dammi fiducia,” which means “I’m like you, trust me.” In the book, they analyzed Motti’s campaign in great detail, which serves as an ode to his political genius, despite not having any prior experience in the realm.

Motti’s ability to adapt his style, approach, and communication to work effectively in different scenarios helped him achieve success. He was the most preferred candidate in his constituency and was the only political outsider elected to the European Parliament, thus turning the tide of his campaign in 2009.

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