‘No Sex for 3 Days After COVID-19 Vaccination’: Russians Asked To Abstain From Sexual Activity After Taking Vaccine; Here’s Why

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Moscow, July 19: People in Russia have been asked to avoid having sex for at least three days after taking the COVID-19 vaccine. Reports inform that Dr Denis Graifer, deputy health minister for the Saratov region, asked Russians to abstain from 'increased physical stress', including sex, after taking their COVID-19 vaccine jab. According to a report by Daily Mail, Russians were also told to avoid vodka, smoking, and visits to the sauna immediately after getting their vaccine shots.

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While addressing a press conference, Graifer said sex is a very energy-consuming activity and hence people should avoid it for at least three days after taking the COVID-19 vaccine. "So we warn people who have been vaccinated that increased physical activity, including having sex, is not recommended after vaccination", Graifer said. COVID-19 Antibody Test System for Animals Developed in Russia.

According to reports, Russia has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the world. Only 13 percent of the country is fully vaccinated compared to a European average of 30 percent. Reports inform that over 159 million COVID-19 tests have been conducted across the country.

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On Monday, Russia registered 25,018 new COVID-19 infections as the Delta variant continues to spread. The latest spike took Russia's COVID-19 tally to 5,958,133. Moscow, Russia's worst-hit region, added 4,357 new cases, taking the city's total to 1,463,135.

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