There Is No Stopping for Producer Guruji Kailashraigar Even in the Pandemic Situation, Know More!

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The current pandemic situation is challenging for so many people, numerous businesses are closed and people are struggling their way to stay sane by being productive.

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Guruji Kailashraigar, a Mumbai based producer has once again inspired us with his integrity and commitment to the work. The fantastic producer is working hard every day to generate classical flicks for the audience even in a pandemic situation. At one place where many celebrated artists and producers are sitting ideal, the talented producer is not letting this situation come in his way. “None of us ever thought of such situation to come into our lives that would cost us our livelihoods. We are in this together. I am fighting the situation by being as much productive as I can. Working on scripts with writers, finalising projects and so many things that otherwise are difficult to do in our busy lives”, said Kailashraigar.

The producer believed that if he will completely shut down the work then it would disconnect him from the industry as well as many people have a chance of losing their job. “Work should be minimized not stopped as it will bring trouble in getting back the business. But everyone should follow the appropriate measures while performing their jobs to ignore furthermore complications”, said Kailashraigar.

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Producer Guruji Kailashraigar is one of the known names in the gold industry. The excellent producer time again showed his humanitarian side by contributing half of his earning towards the social needs. On the work front, the producer is analysing various scripts for his upcoming projects for the OTT platforms. Additionally, to give a reality check about the unsaid issues of the country, Kailash is planning to make a documentary to make people aware of the issues faced by the common man in the day-to-day lives.

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