Nocturne REVIEW: Sydney Sweeney And Madison Iseman Starrer Is Dark And Disturbing, And A Bit Silly

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Normally, twins in films are abnormally attached to one another . Not this time! Not in Nocturne, a handsomely shot noire-slash-horror shiver giver which is more scary in implication that execution. The dark richly-atmospheric drama (shot in exquisite ebony hues by cinematographer Carmen Cabana) unfolds in a classy music school, a kind of Juilliard for the non-elite class where a young female student has committed suicide. It is here that the pretty twins Vivian(Madison Iseman) and Juliet(Sidney Sweeney) arrive. To the film’s good fortune, both Iseman and Sweeney are not only lookers but also effective actors who know where they punctuate the emotions and when to let go. They bring out the clawing rivalry between the two sisters, creating a kind of moral imbalance that effects everything and everyone they encounter,

For the record Vivian is the smarter more talented sister. Juliet cannot tolerate being the second-best. The film is more about ‘Juliet’ (jealousy, revenge) than ‘Vivian’ (condescending self confidence) and it is their inability to accept each other’s blind spots that precipitates the stunning climax where Juliet finally get to prove who is the more talented of two sisters. It’s not a pleasant evening of piano recital.

Like I said the two actresses who play the lead are lovely in appearance and adept at conveying the complex emotions required of them. However a major chunk of their story is frittered away in inducing a horror element into the plot. There is also a curly-haired boy between the sisters who goes from one sister to the other uncaring about relationship rules such as commitment and stability.The lust conflict between the sisters never fructifies into a coherent comment on teen sexuality. Instead it looks like atrope that needs less exposition more investigation.

While the two sisters share a sense of growing competitiveness in a music music school, Nocturne play its notes with a surehanded elegance. The rest is more airy than eerie.

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