Noel Fielding's fridge prank has upset some Bake Off fans

Bea Mitchell
Photo credit: twitter/Balmain

From House Beautiful UK

The Great British Bake Off's Noel Fielding hid in a fridge during Tuesday night's episode, and its left viewers outraged.

In last night's episode, Noel was seen playing a prank on his co-host Sandi Toksvig by hiding inside a fridge in the show's famous tent.

After she discovered him, Noel updated the bakers on how much time they had left, before Sandi shut him back in the kitchen unit.

Channel 4 also tweeted a gif with the caption: 'Just when you thought @NoelFielding11 couldn't get any cooler... #GBBO #BreadWeek.'

Naturally, some fans hit the internet to point out that children were watching and that they could follow suit, and therefore, the segment sent out an irresponsible message. Won't *somebody* please think of the children!

'The Great British Bake Off 2017 – A show watched by 1000s of children & talentless @noelfielding11 hid in a fridge,' wrote one viewer.

Another chimed in: 'Really disappointed that bake off just showed a presenter being shut in a fridge! Not a great child safety tip!!'

'#Channel 4. Bake off. What a good example for children. Noel Fielding climbing inside a fridge and closing door,' said a third viewer.

But not everyone shared their concerns. There was one person who wryly said: 'Wait till these snowflakes see Tom & Jerry', and another who predicted the inevitable tweetstorm: '54321 bring on the complaints about Noel being in a fridge #bakeoff'.