Make Some Noise for DJ Gunjan Sharma !


Make Some Noise for DJ Gunjan Sharma !

In the middle of light panels, Psychedelic lasers and thundering speakers, Jumping Infront of a huge crowd is a tough thing and this really needs courage, confidence and an extra pinch of passion towards the love for sound.

DJ Gunjan Sharma is a performer based in Delhi. He discovered his taste for DJing and his dream to be one of the best DJ’s started from a very early age of 16.He from then started working on himself and got moulded up as a power packed performer who is witnessed by a huge crowd at every events.

He Performs through his soul,his dedication can be heard from the beats he throws.He has an amazing stage presence.The sense of beats always comes within.

He has performed with some amazing people and was one of the lucky ones to have worked with the best ones from the Industry.This was also a learning curve for him and most importantly the best experiences he ever dreamt of. This helped him in building up the best.He is now one of the Top DJ’s in India.

As said he is a power packed performer which means not only a DJ but a great Anchor,Singer and much more.

He has been a part of many events such as birthday parties, Big fat Weddings,Sangeet,New Year Bash events and a lot more. His events are always the best ones in the town as he will make you groove on his beats by creating some great memories.

“The Band of Gunjan- The DJ based Band” is famous among the crowd .
His band performances are at times is loaded up with extra entertainment as he includes Percussionist,Drummer,Video Jockey, International Female Vocalist,Mirror Artist,Dancers, Models, Celebrities.

Apart from solo Performances he also performs with his team which consists of 11-14 members.He has different packages which can be booked for events.So you see there is a lot of variety in his events and performances.

He is energetic and Active all the time. He marks his presence on Social Media too with a huge fan base and all his live updates are shared there.

Now that’s what we call true artists !

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