From Nolen Gurer Sandesh to Rasmalai, Delightful Sweet Treats to Relish this Winter

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Are you craving for some delicious desserts to soothe your soul, this winter? Well, why wait, when there is an excellent array of sweetmeats available during winter!

Out of the many amazing things that the winter season has to offer, what easily wins our hearts is the delightful sweets that are intrinsic to this season. When the luscious, yummy sweets melt in our mouth rekindling that warm, fuzzy feeling, winter becomes all the more endearing.

Let’s take you on a joy-ride by listing out some decadent sweet names

1. Nolen gurer sandesh:

A traditional delicacy hailing from Bengal, this delectable sweet is one of a kind. Made with the seasonal ‘khejur gur’ or date palm jaggery, each piece is elaborately designed to delight your taste palette. The surprise of honey oozing out of the soft sweet as you take a bite, is unparalleled.

2. Rasmalai:

This authentic slurpy sweet Rasmalai, tastes as good as it sounds. Enticing your taste buds, this yummy sweet remains on high demand during winter. Exuding milky, smooth, syrupy gorgeous charm, rasmalai is sure to warm your soul and lend pleasantness to the chilly winter.

3. Joynagar er Moa:

Yet another gem from Bengal, this sweetmeat is sure to melt your heart. The wonderful aroma emanating from the jaggery and popped rice with some raisins thrown into every piece, makes you want to eat more. It has an exquisite taste.

4. Gondh ke laddoo:

A lovely addition to your sweet list is this tasty laddoo. What is also great is that this is healthy! Prepared with cardamom, ghee, dry fruits, this sweet-treat is a must-have. Let the flavours melt in your mouth, and as you relish the goodness.

5. Gajak:

Devour this amazing sweet this winter, guilt-free. It tastes heavenly and your taste buds are certainly going to thank you. A special winter sweet, that is made with sesame, peanuts, ghee, jaggery- that you will want to definitely indulge your sweet-tooth into

Have these mouth-watering delicacies and enjoy the winter.