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Nose job

Perhaps one of the earliest surgeries of the actress. Though Sridevi was born with envy evoking looks, she craved a sharper nose and that is exactly what she achieved by going under the knife.

Nose job, lip job and other treatments behind the ever-evolving beauty of Sridevi

In a heart-to-heart with The Hindustan Times, Sridevi had denied the rumors of plastic surgeries and beauty treatments. “No, I haven’t. I want to tell these people that instead of whining and criticizing, why don’t you move out of your comfort zone, zip your mouth and slog it out? Then let’s talk! There will be a visible change not just in your appearance, but also in your attitude. But if you’re a lazy bum, hooked to TV, and cannot give up your food because you know you can undergo cosmetic surgery, you’re damned! It doesn’t work like that. Anything that is plastic melts in no time. ” were her words.

But the many apparent changes in her looks make it very difficult for us to buy her words. Since the 90s, when the actress was at the top of her career, talks of her gone under the knife have been rife, and it is only up to the audience and believe her word or her miraculously evolved looks.

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