Not Again : Pailwaan Full Movie HD Leaked On Tamilrockers From Start To Finish!

Amar Singh Rathore

Pailwaan starring Suneil Shetty, Sudeep, Kabir Duhan Singh releases today and it has already been pirated on a leading piracy website.

Bollywood movies getting leaked on websites especially TamilRockers has become an issue of grave concern. And now, Pailwaan which released today has become the latest victim of online piracy. Check the full story here.

Pailwaan released today, ie, 13th September, 2019 in India but to the shock of the makers, the whole film which has the major plot-reveal content have leaked on Tamilrockers. The fans of the Suneil Shetty, Sudeep, Kabir Duhan Singh starrer movie were brimming with joy after they saw the film! The trailer had already got a lovely response from the people and so did the theme of the film which is quite unique.

Pailwaan Full Movie Tamilrockers

To the shock of the makers, the complete film Pailwaan has leaked online for download by Tamilrockers website which has major plot-reveal content. This has left the makers of the film in two minds. Though we are refraining to talk about any of the pirated content as we totally believe in the ‘no spoilers’ mantra but it is of grave issue that it has not even been one day since the film’s mega release, the complete film has leaked on piracy sites and elsewhere.

As the film has been leaked online when it was showing on several theater screens, we advise the fans to stay away from any spoiler and not click on any links which hint at anything fishy. This is a major blow to the makers as the film is easily one of the highest anticipated film of 2019.

Pailwaan Full Movie HD Download

The piracy site has leaked the full movie and made Pailwaan full hd movie download on their open server. Well, we wish that these leaked versions are taken away from the Internet and the movie becomes a clean release where the viewers can have an enjoyable watch away from any spoilers. However, these piracy sites have done the same thing so many other movies as well. This has to be stopped as soon as possible otherwise makers will have to bear so much loss.

Please Note – Lastly, we want to make it utmost clear that we neither practice nor support piracy! As a company, we are totally against it and believe that it hampers the creativity and the art of movies and movie-making.

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