It's Not Just Me, it Has Happened With Everybody, Says Saumya Tandon On Pay Cuts Amid Pandemic

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Popular TV show Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain's lead actress Saumya Tandon recently revealed that she has been asked to take pay cuts from the producers of the show. She further revealed that it is not exclusive for her show but most of the actors from the industry have to do so.

Talking to Times of India, Saumya said, "It's not just me, it has happened with everybody. It's not in just our industry, it is happening everywhere. It is for the work that is to be done for the future, it is not for the work which we have already done for which the payments are pending," she said.

The actress said that the Coronavirus pandemic has been unkind to every one in the TV industry. Taking into consideration the future of these projects, and the shape of Indian economy, many actors in major TV shows are going to take pay cuts. "All the production houses have informed their artists that going forward in future they will have to cooperate," she added.

Saumya also opened up about shoot schedules resuming amid the pandemic. She said that unlike other jobs where people sit at a desk, people working in a show need to work in a cluster. She further added that Mumbai is the highest affected city in the country so more precautions should be taken.

Saumya plays Anita in Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai. The show also stars Rohitash Gaud, Aasif Sheikh and Shubangi Atre.

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