Not Just Weight Loss, Keto Is a Lifestyle: Celebrity Nutritionist

Keto is the buzzword in the nutrition and weight loss world. This high in fat and low in carb diet has become the most referred diet when it comes to weight loss.

How does it work? When you reduce the intake of carbs in your body and the concentration on protein and fat is more, the body achieves the metabolic state of ketosis. It turns fats into ketones which supply energy for the brain.

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Now, Dr Josh Axe, is pushing the case of Ketogenic diet, saying it’s a lifestyle and helps a person to live a positive and healthy life. While Keto’s prominence in the diet world is relatively new, it’s been around for over nine decades now. Dr Axe claims the diet has the potential to change lives because of its ability to transform nutrients and helps in improving brain health.

One thing that needs to be taken care of is ‘Keto macros’ before starting the diet.

The technical and scientific jargon may sound confusing, but it’s very easy once you understand the concept behind it. There are many online options available to calculate the keto macros and right calorie count for your body type, says Dr Axe.

Dr Axe’s claims that other than its primary role, it helps in balancing blood sugar level, joint pain, brain fog and slow metabolism.

There are certain supplements like medium-chain triglycerides oil or MCT oil which boosts the ketogenic diet. MCT oil makes the ketosis process easier and effective. It is a type of fatty acid which is naturally found in coconut oil, says Dr Axe.

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