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Muhammed Nisham’s son

While many of us are still paying the installments of our first cars, this 9 year old got behind the wheel of a Ferrari. It’s not very virtuous to be jealous of a kid, but in this case, we understand. Muhammed Nisham’s son might just grow up be a prick, for now all he did was to get his multi-millionaire business tycoon of a dad arrested for allowing him to drive this dream car.

Not silver spoons, these 10 Indian kids were born with diamond encrusted spoons in their mouths

70 years since Independence, India may be a developing economy in the eyes of the world but when it comes to money and wisdom this very country has given the world some of the richest industrialists, scholars and actors.

While most of them have burned their midnight oil to get to the position they are at now, their next generation is born with diamond encrusted silver spoons and welcomed right way to a life that remains to be a neverending extravagant party.

Here are 10 of the richest kids of India who have been living life king size since their very arrival on earth.