Not only Taimur; Sara and Ibrahim too are reasons Kareena is the new age mom’s role model

The days of calling co-stars mean names are way behind Kareena Kapoor now; no more the reckless princess hailing from Bollywood’s greatest dynasty, the Pataudi Begum is much composed in her demeanor winning over her co-stars, in-laws, her fans, or the media that just cannot get enough of her. Thanks to social media and the ever enthusiast paparazzi we have stayed abreast of the advancements in her life, if anyone has stolen her thunder, much to our delight its none other than the cherubic Taimur Ali Khan.

Motherhood introduces a myriad changes in women, for Kareena, all of these changes have compounded to mold her into the best version of herself. As they welcomed their newborn, Saif and Kareena found themselves embroiled in an unsettling social media uproar over their choice of name; Taimur, reminding many of the atrocious emperor that lived long ago, evoked sentiments no parents wish for their child. While Grandpa Rishi Kapoor (Kareena’s paternal uncle) did condemn the nasty comments directed towards the infant, Kareena maintained her calm for the longest time.

To rile up a huge ego against the medium that offered nothing but expletives for her child could have been instinctive for any mother, Bebo, however killed her haters with kindness. Extending an olive branch, the Khans shared an adorable pic of the lad with mommy waving to the world from their hospital bed and in no time the angst vanished in thin air. Netizens have been presented with, liked, favorited, retweeted and fawned over numerous pics of the li’l Nawab since then and while liking, favoriting, retweeting and fawning over her son, users of social media have lost their hearts to the new mom too. Mums of the real world have found their spokesperson in Kareena, for she acts not like the celebrity she is, but as a mother as basic as any.

Internet is unforgiving and still holds grudges against Aishwarya Rai Bachchan for keeping fans longing for Araddhya’s glimpse for ever. The usually well-behaved ex-Miss World have often yelled at the shutterbucks awaiting her at the airport or at the Gates of her palatial abode. Born in stardom, Bebo however knows, a star is so as long as her fans are pleased and media interested. A pleasant contrast to most celeb moms who express annoyance, Chhote Nawab’s begum encourages media to click Taimur to their heart’s desire. We have repeatedly spotted her carrying baby Taimur around, who apparently has aced the game of posing and smiling for the camera pretty fast – the Kapoor and Pataudi genes are at work, we guess.

When asked if she gets stressed with media’s obsession with her bundle of joy, and his life being documented to a wide audience, she wonders, He’s as normal as anybody else, why should he be treated differently,’ deeming it an obviosity like every child today who have their lives documented by loved ones. He is the most amazing and cutest child ever.she adds and drops the mic. Now haters will call her rude, but show me one mother who doesn’t consider the apple of her eye to be the most adorable child the world has seen – you can’t. In her candid gushing over the munchkin, mothers in India find a reflection they instantly identify with.

The actress played her winning stroke when asked to share her thoughts on working moms. With her deliberate response, “…I think women know how to multi-task. Today, you see working women out there. If you have a family, if you have a child… It doesn’t mean you are home-bound. Of course, there is time for that and work… she nursed the pulse of young mothers that had recently been hurt by a certain star-wife’s ‘puppy’ remarks.

Family systems have evolved to be a complicated one in recent times. The Kapoor girl married to a man with an 18 year old daughters is living, rather, rocking this complication with unmatched astuteness. Her equation with Sara and Ibrahim shines through their pics showing how far our annoyingly adorable Pooooooo has come in life.