Now You Can Always Have Your Kids Art with You, Using Drawnies

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Think back to the last time a child in your life came up to you with a piece of art or a drawing they had made, just for you. The look in their eyes as they handed you this art probably made your heart melt. Is there anything purer than being gifted something personal and creative, from the little bundle of joy you love the most?

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After you packed up the drawing, in your bag or wallet, you then probably pondered: what can I do to make sure I never lose this drawing? How can I preserve this piece of art so that it is with me forever? We’ve all been there, and we all feel that overwhelming sadness when we realized that piece of paper will wear down, tear, or fade over-time.

It was this very conundrum that inspired that team at Drawnies to create a product that immortalizes children’s art – forever. After feeling that fleeting sadness when realizing the art from our nieces, nephews, children, and grandchildren might not live on forever, Michael Volkmann, the founder of Drawnies, configured a way to make this art immortal and transportable.

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“We all want to take kid’s art and show everyone in our lives – there’s nothing more joyful,” said Michael. “But the reality is, we need to leave the pieces of paper at home so they don’t fade away. I wanted to make something that can be taken with us on the go, which is when I had the idea for physical jewelry that is comprised of kid’s artwork. That’s when Drawnies came to life.”

Immortalized Products Forever

Drawnies converts children’s art into both necklaces and key rings for men and women around the world. The brand comes with a 99% customer satisfaction and recommendation rate, proving just how ingenious this invention really is. With over 70,000 mothers from around the world who have elected to immortalize their kid’s artwork, it’s safe to say, Drawnies has grown into a movement that is far bigger than its product.

In an effort to work in accordance with Mother Nature, the Drawnies team uses environmentally-friendly materials that will contribute to the longevity of the planet. Additionally, the brand is helping hungry children with means in cooperation with ShareTheMeal.

Putting a Smile on Faces Everywhere

Drawnies believes their brand can put a smile on any face while leaving the world better than we found it.

“We can all do our part to invest in the planet, support one another, cherish our children, and be all-around kinder to each other,” said Michael. “We hope that Drawnies brings out more of that happiness in the world. With something as pure and simple as a child’s drawing, we want our products to bring smiles to people anywhere the go, lifting up their day along the way.”

Drawnies officially launched in May 2020, experiencing massive product demand almost instantly. The team had to configure a way to accommodate bulk orders from parents and grandparents looking to immortalize their loved ones. After a fast launch into the world of e-commerce, the Drawnies brand is fully committed to their product and 100% customer service.