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Becoming an influencer wasn’t always the plan for Ritwika Gupta, most known for her work as a television anchor. Currently, her portfolio boasts of 5 TV shows across 3 countries, 25 commercials and over 200 events as a compère. Today, she is known for her work as a TV host on one of India’s leading channels and as an influencer. Starting her blog, Spotlight (www.spotlightxoxo) in 2013, Ritwika, who is originally from Singapore, creates a myriad of content types – from fashion, dance and lifestyle shoots to beauty reviews and collaborations with brands such as Vivel, Adidas, Cadbury, PUMA, Paytm and more. Ritwika sits down with us to share her journey as an influencer with a young following.

How did you start out and what got you noticed?

I have been dancing since a very young age. Going on stage in front of a live audience always gave me a sense of freedom and confidence. I also did theatre for a while before finally transitioning to television. My work as a host developed my love for the camera and interacting with people. My blog started out mostly as a hobby. I never expected myself to be an “influencer”. It was more of a progression. I shoot at least thrice a week and I just thought that chronicling my outfits would be a fun way to experiment. That’s what got me noticed, I think.

Which platform gives you the highest engagement with your readers?

I get most of my views and likes on Instagram. Even though I don’t have as many subscribers on YouTube, I somehow feel more contented with the engagement I get there. I’m working on growing my YouTube channel where I post beauty, travel and dance videos and my work.

How did you carve a niche for yourself?

I really didn’t try to carve a niche for myself. I would simply blog about anything that I liked or everything that I was going through. I think my readers are about the same age as I am. So, they would find my content relatable. In recent years, people have started recognizing me also as an anchor and from the appearances I made on TV.

You’re also going to be a part of an independent film this year. How do you think social media has impacted your career?

The thing is – as artists, we need an audience – but if the work is good, they’ll come. We technically don’t need social media to do what we do but it helps. Social media has made advertising easy. In my case, I am my own commodity. The only challenge here is – being on camera and lazing on the couch are becoming one and the same. I’m still working on a way to keep the balance. But at this stage, I think social media has really helped me reach out to so many people, brands and it’ll be a vital platform to promote my upcoming work.

What are some of the challenges of being a blogger?

It can be challenging when brands ask you to do a lot more work, for a lot less. You need to know when to say no.

What’s your remedy for days when you’re feeling low or less than boss-like?

I dance or go for a run. Staying active instantly makes me feel more alive and ready to dive into the next challenge.

We wish Ritwika all the best. You can follow her on Instagram: @ritzdotcom

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