We now know Dexter Morgan's name, identity in Season 9

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We now know Dexter Morgan
We now know Dexter Morgan

26 May 2021: We now know Dexter Morgan's name, identity in Season 9

Dexter Morgan, the beloved serial killer "with a code," is returning in Season 9. This time, he's taken on a new name and identity. A 9-second long teaser, shared on Dexter's official social media accounts, shows a badge that reveals a (rare) happy photo of him, who now works as an innocent-looking Sales Associate at Fred's Fish & Game Sales. His name? Jim Lindsay.

Fact: Hello, Dexter Morgan, sorry it's Jim Lindsay!

Script: A page from the script was shared on social media

When director and executive producer of the show, Marcos Siega, shared a page from showrunner/writer Clyde Phillips' script recently, many were wondering about the identity of the man mentioned in there, Jim Lindsay. Just hours later, Showtime, its broadcaster, shared information that established the titular character's new secret identity and career. The heavily redacted script page makes a whole lot of sense now, right?

Fact: This was the redacted script page, shared by Siega

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Observation: Why the fishing supply store sales executive identity was chosen

Now, why did the showrunners choose this identity for Dex? There are two possible reasons: a) The spotlight is off him, and b) Job at a fishing supply shop ensures the lake is in close proximity, where Dex can easily dump his corpses. Tracing back, Season 8, aired in 2013, saw his sister Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) dying, and he seemed affected by it.

Jamie Chung: Reboot will be 'a little darker, will satisfy everyone's appetite'

We then see him escape from Miami, faking his death, and become an isolated lumberjack in Oregon. Among the main cast, no other actor has been confirmed to return. Jamie Chung, who will be starring in the reboot as a famous true-crime podcaster named Molly, said that Season 9 will be darker than before. "I think it'll certainly satisfy everyone's appetite," she told People.

What's next?: Additional seasons not ruled out by Hall himself

Michael C. Hall will be reprising his role as Dexter Morgan, the friendly neighborhood serial murderer. And guess what, the actor has not completely ruled out further seasons after this one, which is currently in production. "I'm reluctant to say 'definitely', you know? Let's see. What's plain now is that there are 10 new episodes." ," Hall had told in an interview with NME.

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