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As a community, Parsis are historically the natives of Persia. As the Arab persecution began in the 7th century A.D, by the 10th century AD the survival of Parsis in their native land grew unbearable. That is when they immigrated to India. But unlike many foreigners who came to India with the sole aim to plunder and rule, Parsis have assimilated graciously without harboring any evil intentions.

Everything You Must Know About The Parsi Community And More – The Food: You Just Can’t Afford to Miss

Followers of Zoroastrianism, one of the oldest religions of the world, the significance of the Parsi community cannot be quantified by their population, that stand at a meager count of about seventy thousand, concentrated majorly in the city of Mumbai. 

Though mainly based in India, a handful of Parsis have also chosen and settled in Pakistan since pre-independence days. Despite the slim population, the community doesn’t shy away from contributing their bit to the diversified society of India. 

On the occasion of Parsi New Year, as we wish all members of this community wholeheartedly, we also present to you certain interesting facts about them you might not have known.