October Movie Review : Shoojit Sircar’s October Will Win Hearts And Leave A Heartfelt Impact, Varun Dhawan Is Unbelievably Matchless And Banita Sandhu Shines

Amar Singh Rathore
October Movie Review : Shoojit Sircar's October Will Win Hearts And Leave A Heartfelt Impact

Movie : October

Director : Shoojit Sircar

Story : Juhi Chaturvedi

Cast : Varun Dhawan, Banita Sandhu, Gitanjali Rao


Our Rating : 4 out of 5.


Very rarely a film comes which is more like a poetry, tugs the heart notes, have bravuras of performances, a background score which adds gravitas to the story telling and has a beautiful story. October offers you everything mentioned above on a platter and is an exquisite drama! The film is based on a real life incident of a girl who fell off the fourth floor of a five star hotel and severely injured herself thus going into coma. The movie starts with unfolding the daily struggles and challenges of trainee students in the hospitality field in a leading 5 star hotel in New Delhi. The financial crunches, daily life’s humiliations and the extreme pressure to perform while at the training period has been beautifully shown by Sircar and he has got the exact right and tremendous support by his lead actors Varun, debutante Banita and Giranjali.


Dan (Varun Dhawan) and Shiuli (Banita Sandhu) play hotel management trainees in a leading hotel where they have to complete their 3 month diploma course which involves sheer competence, ace hard-work, almost no sleep and a lot of humility which is unavoidable. Dan is finding it hard to cope up with performing in his daily jobs and is easily irritated by the quality of work which he is doing. ‘Main yaha makkhi macchar toh maarne nahi aaya hun na’ is his heartfelt complaint to his seniors and he keeps on doing errors which are sometimes by mistake & sometimes on purpose. His negligence at work is tried to cover up by Shiuli and gang and is often caught by his manager which leads to Dan’s public humiliation which successfully irks the viewer’s mind & heart. As all this happens, Dan decides to give the New Years Eve a miss where all the others trainees along with Shiuli decide to have a little party at the fourth floor of the hotel. Shiuli asks for Dan’s absence and as she asks ‘Where is Dan?’, she tries to sit on the edge of the wall and falls from the fourth floor in the process. This leaves everyone shocked and Shiuli is immediately admitted to a hospital as she is severely injured. The doctors gives less hopes and tells Shiuli’s mother (Gitanjali Rao) and his friends that she has gone into deep coma. Dan finds all about it the next morning complaining to his friends that they should have told him before. As Shiuli’s complex treatments starts in ICU where she shows no improvement and hopes, Dan finds out that Shiuli’s last words before she fell were ‘Where is Dan?’ This results in Dan getting mind-fucked and leaves everything so as to be near Shiuli in the hospital. His selfless dedication towards Shiuli’s staggering condition will make you feel for him. Varun as Dan has been successful in portraying his career best performance showcasing brilliant shades of innocence, child like stubbornness and a sincere honesty in his performance. He also loses his job in the process. What happens next will move your heart and soul. Banita as Shiuli has managed delivering a terrific debut and she proves that she is an ace find by speaking thousand words with just her eyes and expressions. Not to forget, Gitanjali Rao as Shiuili’s mother has outdone herself and will make you teary eyed unarguably. Her portrayal of a mother who’s child who is in coma is something which must reward her with more than just awards.


What We Loved : Varun Dhawan’s portrayal of Dan must be lauded as it’s so different from his other roles. It’s a guidebook for any coming of age actor! A brilliant answer to all who just labelled him as a commercial cinema actor. Banita Sandhu speaks a thousand words in her silence! What an incredible found! An impressive debut unarguably. You will get lost in the magic woven by Shoojit Sircar & Varun Dhawan’s masterstroke! This film will go down as one of a kind, a rare cinematic experience which will remain with you! And what a background score! It will make a place in your playlist for sure. It adds so much to the film and other music composers must take a lesson.


What We Didn’t Love : Not many, we just wanted more from Banita’s character is terms of dialogues and probably the film’s length could have been shortened, Nothing else, we’re smitten!


Finally, we want to give a standing ovation to Shoojit Sircar for showing such beautiful stories onscreen which makes him a prolific director. His school of cinema is definitely way ahead of its times and deserves a space in the folder of classics. And what an endearing performance Varun! You continue to amaze us and you have successfully shut the mouth of your critics who say that you can just do massy roles. Lastly, welcome to the movies Banita.

Our rating is a solid 4 stars out of 5.

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