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Rangoli and Chitrahaar – Tell me about one Sunday that you didn’t start with Rangoli and some of the choicest songs it played from the 60s and 70s over a cup of tea. And try to think of one Wednesday or Friday when you would not complete your homework way before mom could track you down, so you could be free by 8 PM enjoying Chitrahaar.

Oh! The Golden Days Of Television - You Know You Loved All Of These #Throwback Thursday

Well in a world of main casts getting voodooed into houseflies, or coming back to life hours after a head shot, we can only reminisce over the golden days of television when stories appealed to the regular brain a lot more, despite the absence of glittery sarees and maddening backdrop scores. Let’s take a walk down the memory lane and revisit the programs telecast on Doordarshan that most of us must have watched on a black and white screen back then.