'OITNB' star worries friends, fans with cryptic post about being 'terrorized' and claiming her 'team' won't help

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

Orange Is the New Black actress Taryn Manning had her fans and friends worried after posting a cryptic online message about why she’s skipping the Netflix show’s final season premiere.

Along with a behind-the-scenes photo with some of her co-stars, she wrote that she wished she would be at Thursday’s event in NYC. While she first cited “unfortunate uncontrollable circumstances” keeping her from attending, she went on to say she she’s being “terrorized” but an unidentified person who is trying to “ruin” her life and “no one cared,” calling out her team for not doing “anything to help me.”

Taryn Manning (Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage)

“When someone is crying for help from someone who is after your life and soul. Please listen,” Manning, 40, wrote. “No one deserves to have another person single handedly ruin their life to the point they are paralyzed and never leave in fear. I tried to tell everyone. No one cared.”

The actress, who plays Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett on the show, added that the post is “for anyone who feels alone, terrorized by cyber criminals, cyber bullying, criminals with the intent to cause others distress and isolate them from life, for people who have lost everything due to another humans mental illness and smear campaigns. This is for you too so you don’t feel so alone. It even happens to people who seemingly have the resources to stop it too.”

It ended by noting that her ”’team’ of agents, managers and lawyers ... didn’t do anything to help me,” but added, “I forgive you though. I hope you’re happy, you know who you are.”

Reps for Manning have not yet responded to Yahoo’s request for comment.

Her post did cause concern from her followers, who worried she was “in danger”:

(Screenshot: Taryn Manning via Instagram)
(Screenshot: Taryn Manning via Instagram)
(Screenshot: Taryn Manning via Instagram)

Still, more than one person questioned her posting on social media.

(Screenshot: Taryn Manning via Instagram)

Manning, a prominent member of the celebrated show’s cast, has had no shortage of problems. In recent years, she had a former friend stalking her, was accused of assaulting her makeup artist (the case was dismissed), and tried suing the city of New York for $10 million over a false arrest.

In 2017, she told Entertainment Tonight that she “had a very interesting few years with an outside source that put up obstacles for me. But God works in mysterious ways.” She also discussed how she was working to stay sober amid the drama.

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