'Ok Computer' asks important questions but with incredible humour: Anand Gandhi

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Mumbai, Mar 15 (PTI) Filmmaker Anand Gandhi says his upcoming sci-fi comedy series 'OK Computer' aims to start a conversation around technology and its future but with the accessibility of a comic thriller.

The six-episode show, created and directed by Pooja Shetty and Neil Pagedar, imagines a near future where, for the first time, the Homo-Sapiens meet the Robo-Sapiens.

Gandhi, who has produced and co-created the show, called Shetty and Pagedar 'visionaries' who spent five years constructing the universe of the story that's set in 2031.

The filmmaker said 'Ok Computer' relies on its strong humour, which ranges from madcap, quirky to even physical comedy to draw home its larger messaging.

'Pooja and Neil are amazing visionaries, writers inventors and absolute mavericks. They've created a show that's out of the world, wild and so funny that it's a constant surprise. They've managed to take up some of the most important questions but have asked these with incredible humour,' Gandhi said.

The filmmaker was speaking at the show's virtual launch, where he was joined by cast members Radhika Apte, Jackie Shroff, Vijay Varma and Kani Kusruti.

'Ok Computer' places viewers in the middle of a crime scene when a murder is committed by a self driving car.

Through Varma's cyber cell agent Hari Kundu, the show traces the investigation to find out the culprit: Is it the CEO of the taxi company, the supervising programmer, a hacker or the car itself? Gandhi, of 'Ship of Theseus' and 'Tumbbad' fame, said 'Ok Computer' attempts to use speculative future storytelling format to piece together a cautionary tale to the viewers about the dangers of future.

To highlight how the incredibly fast growing world of science and technology can affect lives, Shetty said they decided to give the show the narrative of a comedy thriller.

What also was a conscious effort by the team was to create a world of science-fiction which is purely Indian.

'We were interested in building an Indian science fiction. Because so far, whenever we see science-fiction it is derived from the Western media. But to see something uniquely Indian, that can be our pop-culture, our 'Star Wars', something all of us consume and grow on, was our ambition,' Shetty said.

Gandhi, 40, said with 'Ok Computer', the team hopes more people join the conversation about the perils of technology, if left unchecked.

'This for us was an opportunity to put out an ice breaker. It's really the beginning of a conversation we want to have with the world.

'We want India to have a seed in the global dialogue. Within the county, we want people to come on board and participate in this conversation,' Gandhi added.

'Ok Computer' is set to stream on Disney+ Hotstar VIP from March 26. PTI JUR BK BK