Omar Wala – From the Slums to a Real Estate Tycoon


Omar Wala – The Origin Story

Omar Wala grew up in the impoverished neighborhood of East New York. Gang violence, drug dealing, and prostitution were a regular occurrence in his youth. But Omar Wala had two pillars to keep him on the righteous path. His family and the St. Paul Community Christian school. He was an eager student but even more important were the family values, good morals, and especially the awareness of a higher being and purpose in life. As the valedictorian of the class, he acquired a scholarship for Florida International University. He graduated cum laude and is currently attending Harvard Business School.

Omar Wala already achieved much more than collecting impressive educational accolades at a young age. He is the COO of Brisa Builders. Corporation. This real estate firm is founded by the grandfather of Omar Wala. With relentless passion, energy, and dedication Omar Wala has a major impact on the growth of the firm. In 2019, it became one of the biggest minority-owned real estate firms in the United States. And according to Omar Wala, this is just the beginning.

Omar Wala – Know Your Why to Create Relentless Passion?

Omar vowed at a young age that he would find a way to change the life of the people living in his impoverished neighborhood. On St Paul, he became aware of the larger goals in life. Now he builds impressive affordable buildings in impoverished neighborhoods to raise the status and lives of the people in the neighborhoods. Because Omar Wala knows exactly why he gets up and works relentlessly every day, he already achieved more than most people will in a lifetime. He is compassionate to raise the standard of living for as many humans as possible.

Omar Wala – Live to Leave a Legacy

Having role models during his youth gave him the drive and strength to pursue his dreams. His intelligent and ambitious mom, other family members, and teachers from the St. Paul Community Christian school were the people that taught him to be ambitious and to pursue his dreams. In a neighborhood full of pimps and gang leaders the young Omar knows like no other how important the right role models are. Now he works with unwavering energy to be a role model for his daughter and as many other people as he can reach out to. He shows others how far you can get as a good and kind human being, by working hard. 

Omar Wala – Follow Your Passion

Recently he also became the COO of First Round Management. The only role models Omar Wala had outside of his family and school were professional athletes like Michael Jordan and Allen Iverson to inspire him. Omar Wala wants to support athletes in their careers from his position as the COO of First Round Management. So that they can achieve their goals and become stars and role models for the next generation. Omar Wala turns his own passion into a way to help a new generation. He knows what helped him as a youngster, and now he follows his passion to give the same to the next generation. 

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