OMG! Ileana D Cruz And Boyfriend Andrew Kneebone May Have Split Up

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Ileana D Cruz and Australian photographer Andrew Kneebone has been dating for past couple years. Everything looked perfect and the couple seemed happy, until now. Is something at risk? Maybe.The rumour mill is going into overdrive about their supposed break-up.

Reportedly, all is not well between the two love birds and that they may have called off their relationship. The reports adds that the reason for the same as a fight that the couple may have had, which had led to irreconcilable differences between the photographer and his favourite muse. The actress has also removed all her pictures with Andrew from social media.

At the trailer launch of Raj Kumar Gupta’s Raid in 2018, Ileana gave a rather complicated answer, when asked if she was married. “Apparently! I don’t know what comment to make. Professionally, I am doing well. Personally also I am doing well. I am happy both ways. Thank you. I don’t think there’s any comment to be made. I have kept my personal life fairly private. I don’t like to talk about it too much. But it’s pretty much there for the world to see,” she said.

Well we don’t know what’s happening between the pair but we would like to wish happiness for both of them.

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